How To Change Where Things Download To Mac

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Download the installer and complete the wizard to install Samsung Smart Switch on Mac. Though, you should make sure that your system is running on either macOS X 10.5 or a later version. It should have at least 1 GB of memory and 200 MB of space left on the hard drive.

Your new Mac: This is the best way to set up your Apple computer. Setting up a new iMac or MacBook Air takes time, but we’ll walk you through what you need, and offer some advice along the way to. Cancel: If you no longer need to download a file, click the X button at the right of the file entry. This button turns into a refresh symbol; click it again to restart your download. Open the file: When a download has finished, you can click on the entry directly to open the file.

iMac (mid 2007 and newer). Mac os x 10.6 9 update download. MacBook (late 2008 aluminium, or early 2009 and newer).

When I install items onto my Mac they seem to automatically go to my desktop
What items are you installing? Are you talking about things that you download from the internet?
I would like to move these files into the Applications folder but I can’t seem to get it in there.
Open a Finder Window by going to the Dock and clicking Finder.
Click on Desktop in sidebar (usually top item in second section).
Select all the items you want to move by Command-clicking (hold down the Command key and click items you want to select)
Grab one item and drag to Applications Folder in sidebar.
This should move items into the Applications Folder.
(Note: the Folders in the sidebar are actually aliases. The original Folders are in the Macintosh HD folder.)
Should you have difficulty with the above procedure, or if you have further questions, please don’t hesitate to post back.
Good luck.

Download here